New! Blippit Social School Surveys

Blippit Social School Reports

Now you can poll parental views and opinions directly from your school's Facebook Page saving time & trees as you go.

Try our demo below showing the different question types or try this Parent Survey based on Ofsted's Parent View questions.

Built & managed 'on demand' with a choice of these question formats.
Question Types

Fully compatible across all mobile, tablet & desktop Facebook versions.

Each survey can

  • have a start and end date
  • have a custom branded graphic for your school
  • be configurable so people take it once only (your choice)
  • have compulsory and optional questions if various types including pictures
  • be a simple timeline survey where people respond by using hashtag in their comment (different to the demo below)
  • have one question per poll page or all in one view (like the demo below)
  • have the results delivered to you via email as well as social statistics

Commissioning your school's social survey is simple

  1. Write your introduction blurb, questions and question types (options are given above) in a MS Word document
  2. Specify the start and end dates
  3. Specify whether you're happy to have anonymous participants or not
  4. Send via email to us at
  5. We build the survey, send you a link to check & then share it as a scheduled update. (Invoice received)
  6. We send you the results and participant statistics as two PDF reports

Try our demo below by clicking Get Started!